The best the revised research suggests

Design study schedule is important, because we know how to learn. The way to get the most efficient use of available time, it is best to formulate a plan of study timetable. A wise man said, if you do not plan, you plan to fail, so you should plan your time, what is available. Began to lay a grid (You can do so by using a spreadsheet (such as Excel), if it can help), allow a week day: morning, afternoon and evening three periods. The beginning of the commitment, and therefore does not provide, such as school / college / lecture time by blocking. Blockade dinner time and adequate social, for example, if you want to go out with your friends on a Saturday night, and then to prevent this off - do not kid yourself, if you want to go to plan, so that you will not fail in In this section, you learn. The rest of the available learning time. Planning is one of the best learning experience. On a regular basis (weekly or monthly for your lifestyle) to do a revised one day again went you learned since the last revision day. To make this event as relaxed as possible, if you can invite some friends, classmates and teachers / teacher better. Set Priority Exam review during start learning to take notes. The bills will have little use in the revision process, represented by the sublimation of knowledge, need to pass the exam. Just re-read the book study is counterproductive, because it does not take into account efforts to learn in the first place. • The next five minutes to modify you just study. This satisfies the required frequency. There are many useful learning tips and techniques, and how to learn, and most of them have a use. The study included reading books, watching videos, listening to recordings, research the facts in the library or on the Web, and attend courses / seminars. Can improve the results of these activities, if you know how to learn. • Main 40 minutes of vigorous research on new materials. This satisfies the need of the strength. The best way to study How do I get the most effective amendments? Exam revision timetable The classes best time strategy . Memory works, it is the best time to short spikes in your learning. I suggest to be broken down into one-hour block classes. Each block is carried out as follows: The revised schedule is very similar to the schedule, but in more detail and more important success. • The last 10 minutes to relax. To do different things, to leave the study area, a hot drink or go for a walk. During this period when the mind combing the material from short-term memory long-term memory (empty the glass into the tank). This is critical, do not skimp on your research, you will lose a lot. Design study timetable 5 minutes modifying materials research during the last session (the first hour of the study period, the study of the last meeting). This satisfies the required frequency. The best the revised research suggests, began to set the focus of your modifications. Do not ignore the fact that our goal is to get a good examination results, revised, and ultimately only a means, not an end in itself. For example, you may have a theme that you think is more important than the other or require extra work to get the results. You may have some personal priorities, such as concerts, you've been waiting for a year to go, you think this is a very high priority. What would depend on the subject, you learn but how do you learn to you to decide. You can participate in your classroom teaching and lectures, but if you want to do well in the exam, you will learn on in addition to your own. Know how to study, take notes, schedule and timetable planning. - You are not available, you should choose the best areas to learn around you, you will need for your research, such as books, computers, pens, pencils and paper, the most important is a quiet, non-interference, such as mobile phones In the learning time. Remember, split time allocated for a one-hour block your theme, which occupy the time. This is the best night of your coverage at the university, in order to the analog hours of research (research you have done the last research topics, do research, and then modify the current session of this meeting). If you missed the meeting do not worry, continue as planned in the next session, you should go back, if you have some free time.